I was born in Serbia in 1952. In 1978 I graduated on Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade and finished there specialist studies. On Agriculture Faculty I finished PhD studies.

           Until now, I published 145 works, scientific and expert in the areas of cynology and veterinary. I wrote 13 cynology-books, and the book "Fundamentals of dog genetics" is still used on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. I'm a lecturer of a cynology course on the same faculty for years.

           I am a member of several expert organisations in land and abroad, and, I am also a member of NYAS since 1999.

           In 1978 I became international FCI-judge. Since then I judged in 50 countries on three continents. I also judged several European- and World Dog Shows. I am also judge for work of all hunting dogs and have also experience in judging this work in many countries.

           In 1981 I registered kennel "TAURUNUM" together with my colleague Dipl. Ing. Boris Spoljaric. During 30 years we bred several races, such as German Hunting Terrier, German Shorthaired and Wirehaired Pointer, Pointer, Poodle, English Cocker Spaniel, Magyar Shorthaired Vizsla, Sarplaninac and Mid-Asian Shepherd Dog. I am not a breed fanatic, I like all good dogs.

          I was one of the founders of the Club for German Hunting Terrier and almost 15 years president of that club. Beside that my wife and I founded a Poodle Club, and I was president for almost 20 years.

          More than 20 years I am studying mounting dogs and hounds.

          I read, write and speak German, and I'm able to communicate in English, Russian, Rumanian and Slovakian.
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Milivoje Urošević,DVM, MVM, PhD
All round FCI judge
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