Web site  http://milivojeurosevic.com was made by M&NDesigne-a.
~ How would you understand what I want?
You only need to throws out an idea, and we provide you in the shortest possible time your idea into a reality.
~Why choose us?
At the present time on the Internet you can find many sites that provide excellent services in this area, but none of them will not offer u for very little money, but M&NDesign just do that .
~Want website, but you do not know how to do that?
There's M&NDesigne to help you, that your wishes come true.
~How much would it cost me?
Depending on the size of the site M&NDesigne have official price list.
Up to 5 pages
Up to 10 pages
Up to 15 pages
Up to 20 pages
Over 20
* Domen and hosting are not included in the price of the site. It is possible their purchase but is paid separately.
~Who are we?
M&NDesigne is a team of two young, ambitious and creative people who are able to accept all your requirements related to creating websites.
~Site maintenance?
Site maintenance works are only at your request and is charged 10€
~Changes on the website?
Changes to the site are charged at the above price list, but if it comes to be finer modifications it's free.
Contact: mndesigne@gmail.com